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Epigenetic Nutrition

by Susan Jeffries

Genetic nutrition is also called Nutrigenomics. It is the science of genetic testing and supplementation to optimize genetic shortfalls. Genetic focused nutrition is a growing field based on genetic variants and their impact on health. A genetic variant is a Single Nucleotide Polymorphism- SNP (pronounced snip); which is a variation in one of the important […]

What is Naturopathy and How it Works?

by As Designed Wellness Admin

Naturopathy is the practice of using science-based traditional remedies that are non-toxic to promote the wellness of individuals. In other words it uses nature to treat different medical issues. It helps people with restoring their physical, psychological, and structural balance. Naturopathy has been used by people since a very long time and has been a […]

Oils and Fats

by Susan Jeffries

Do you know the difference between good fat and bad fat?  Fat comes in many forms; your body and brain need the healthy, smart  fats.  Knowing the difference -and acting on the knowledge- will make your life more enjoyable. Avoid processed oils and trans-fat like the plague. Industrial processed and refined oils, like soybean, partially […]

Posture, breathing & sleep

by Susan Jeffries

  Let’s give some love to the benefits of good posture. It’s sexy and you carry yourself with more confidence.  You look like you feel good and an uplifted heart encourages others to do the same. You are less likely to have a repetitive motion injury. Thirdly, because it is the most functional way to […]

Body products, hormone balance and weight loss

by Susan Jeffries

Is your lotion or shower product making you fat or confusing your hormones?  The ingredients in most beauty products aren’t that pretty. What are you putting on your skin?  The average American uses approximately 10-15 personal care products with a total of 126 different ingredients daily.  I’m sure it’s no surprise, but I must say: […]

Foam roller back care

by Susan Jeffries

This quick exercise is to help extend the spine and stretch your chest to improve posture and relieve upper back and neck pain. Always consult your physician before attempting any new exercise.

Nutrition: food labels demystified.

by Biologically Designed To Shine

Do you read the ingredients?   ” The food you eat can either be the safest and most powerful form of medicine, or the slowest form of poison. ” -Ann Wigmore Simple food buying tips: three main rules regarding sugar, carbs and oils. What is sugar? We all know too much sugar is bad for […]